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Pass with MDS is the trading name of Mannan Driving School.


In order to have driving lessons you must:

  • Be aged 17 or over (16 or over if disabled)
  • Hold a driving license that is valid for the UK (provisional, full, or an appropriate foreign license)
  • Ability to read a number plate at the statutory distance
  • The client must ensure that he/she is in a fit state of driving safely and at no time during the training is he/she under the influence of alcohol or any other substance or otherwise suffering from a condition that will affect his/her ability to drive.
  • If at any time the instructor, in his absolute discretion, considers that the client is not in a fit state to drive safely, then the instructor may refuse to proceed with the training session or stop the training session. No refund for that training session will be payable.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide the instructor with proof that they have a valid license to drive before the commencement of their first driving lesson.  If you fail to provide this proof, the instructor is entitled to refuse to conduct the driving lesson but may still charge for the driving lesson.


  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the client and the instructor, the instructor will inform the client when, in the instructor’s opinion, the client is ready to take their driving test. The instructor will ask the client to book the test themselves
  • The client must give the instructor notice of the practical driving test as soon as possible so the instructor can book the vehicle for the driving test.
  • If the driving test is not booked according to this clause then the vehicle will not be provided by the instructor for the client’s driving test.


  • In order to cancel or postpone any lessons, the client must provide the instructor with three day’s notice (this does not include the day of the lesson). Failure to adhere to this clause will result in the lesson still being charged.
  • The instructor may postpone the driving lesson if he believes the weather or road conditions are unsuitable or dangerous. The instructor will endeavor to provide the client with as much notice as possible. An alternative date and time will be suggested by the instructor to the client. The instructor will have no further liability.
  • In the interest of the client, they are advised to be punctual for their appointments. The instructor will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes. A reciprocal waiting time may at times be necessary for the arrival of the instructor due to some unforeseen circumstances. The lesson will commence from the declared start time or the time of the instructor’s arrival if that should be later.


  • The vehicle provided will be fitted with dual control and will be well maintained, clean, and tidy at all times (subject to reasonable wear and tear).
  • The instructor will not be liable for the failure of the vehicle during a driving lesson or a practical driving test unless it is direct negligence on the part of the instructor.


  • The prices of the lessons are stated on the driving instructor’s website ‘’’’ then click on useful & price and are payable in advance. Any outstanding payments must be cleared and paid for in cash or BACs before proceeding with an official driving test. The school has the ability to change the price of training session as it wishes upon at least 48 hours’ notice.

    Funds paid for prepaid driving lessons to be provided by your instructor must be applied to driving lessons by you within six months of the date of your original payment. You acknowledge that after the expiry of this six-month period, you will not be entitled to a refund of any funds not applied to driving lessons or to utilise these funds for booking further driving lessons. If, at any point during this six-month period you determine that you do not wish to take any more of your prepaid driving lessons, you are entitled to a refund of the balance of your funds.


  • In no circumstances will the instructor be liable for any loss or damage if, and to the extent that, such loss or damage is caused by the client’s failure to comply with their obligations under these terms and conditions, or with the instructor’s reasonable instructions.
  • The aggregate liability of the instructor for direct loss resulting from the instructor’s default will be limited to £50.00 per claim.
  • The school will not be liable for the losses, costs, claims, or expenses arising as a result of any event which is outside of the instructor’s reasonable control or expectation.


  • If the client is unhappy with any aspect of their lesson, they should notify the instructor without any delay and not later than seven days from the date on which the cause of complaint arose. Every effort will be made by the instructor to satisfactorily deal with the complaint accordingly.
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