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Driving Courses on offer:

Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some driving experience, we shall provide you with the driving skills needed for a lifetime of safe driving. The driving lesson programme is designed for individual needs to help you make easy progress towards the goal of passing the driving test.

Absolute beginner:

This course is for people who have never driven before. The Driving Standards Agency offer a rough guide to work out how many lessons you require; they advise that a new learner on average will require about 2 lessons for each year of their life. However this is just a guide, the number of lessons you will require vary from person to person, your instructor will be able to advice you when you ready for the test.

Intensive Driving Lessons/Course:

Intensive driving lessons is designed for those who have time constraints and would like to pass their tests quickly and are able to take a large quantity of hours a day or week. Please contact us for your desired lesson plan and prices.

Intermediate and test standard learners:

This course is for the people who have taken some lessons and have reached a reasonable standard but still need some attention to improve in certain aspects of their driver training. These pupils will be assessed for their weaknesses and strengths according to their performance. There are others who have reached their test standard but still require polishing up, to build up confidence for the test by doing a test route drive and mock tests which are specially designed to assess and prepare the candidate for the final day of the test.

Refresher course for Existing Drivers:

This course is for people who have a valid driving licence, but have not driven for a while and need to refresh their driving skills and get back behind the wheel and handle the vehicle confidently and safely.

Motorway Driving Tuition:

In this course you are going to learn the skills as how to join, leave and overtake on the motorway and countryside roads. Using the appropriate speeds and knowledge needed for safe driving.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons:

Pass plus is a training scheme for new drivers. Its aim is to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver. You will gain further skills on how to drive safely and efficiently on motorways, countryside roads, city driving, all weather driving and night driving. There are no exams or tests to be given at the end of the course; but you will receive a certificate at the end of this course which could entitle you to have some discount on your insurance, which means you can get cheaper car insurance.

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